Tuesday, August 01, 2006

quote of the day by Emily- "Mom, I just had to stay up until 1 am to watch a show on how to survive a shark attack!!!!! She then told me everything to do in case of an attack. LOL It is a real threat in Central Illinois! LOL- We will be ready!!!
Did a new layout for my creative team. Credits are Southern comfort and retreat from Digital bits and stitch brushes- EE scrappers. The funniest thing - someone wrote and told me how pretty my large garden looked- it used to - until my DH sprayed it all with Roundup and tilled it up to plant grass! I had 2 summers that I could not garden- one after I broke everything in my leg and last summer I was pregnant. So- It it no more- except for the fountain - and tomatoes.

Sure seems like I did somthing else - but I can't remember what- getting too old.

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GriffN84 said...

Hey...I'm working on getting Illustrator for you... I hope to have it tomorrow.