Saturday, August 19, 2006

retail therapy

credits- Sausan Designs at PDW- The new urban art paper, altered artistry elements, flower, alpha. heart-t.cosgrove
I had tears in my eyes doing this layout. These pictures were taken of my father not too long before he died. I was 18 months old when he passed away from heart surgery to repair aortic stenosis. Now it is a routine surgery and he would have lived a normal life. He was a high school coach, little league umpire and a high school teacher. The kids loved him.
Yesterday , I needed to get out and away from everyone. I needed a break terribly. I spent the afternoon going to all my favorite stores. Really did not buy much - but had fun just being away. I had not done that since last November when Ben was born. I went to my 2 favorite scrapbook stores of course. I am glad I went - I found new inspiration seeing all the new things.It also made so glad that I scrap digitally! I forgot how much that all cost. Anyway- I found out the store can print my borderless 12x12 layouts for 6 dollars. I usually do not scrap that - but nice to know. They can also print other sizes and I might do that for special things.
I also saw Rhonna Farrers new line of papers- Bohemia- very pretty. I was surprised to not find her name on any of them. Love - Urban couture- basic grey.
So what did I buy? I got several colors of Tim Holz's distressing ink. I also bought his ruler blank book. I fell in love with his book in the Creating Keepsakes latest issue. I am going to experiment and print pages out digitally to put in there. I also got a blank spiral board book by etcetera to do the same. I then had to buy some matching Maya road ribbon to embellish them.
Found an old issue of Digital scrapbooking and bought that. I also went to Tuesday Morning (love it- it is a discount name brand place- they have them all over- check them out). Found a few things - not much and then went to TJ maxx. I did not buy anything there. It was nice to be able to look without having to entertain Ben,tell Emily that no she can't have everything and watch John pace up and down.
Well enough rambling- maybe I will play with my new inks. I also realized I have tons of altered things I have not put in my gallery- that are not digitally done. I made an adorable tote bag, a paper bag book for my pregnancy , altered gourds , etc.

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