Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a new challenge

credits- I did this with a drawn sketch and painted it with my brushes
This is for a Christine Adolph challenge at Scrapartist. It is to be inspired by her art.
She has so many beautiful designs. I think this would be easier in real life.
Someone I respect said that I should try designing. That would be my dream - it scares me - as I am so new to PS and I have so many things to learn. My biggest problem by far- is the time.
Ben is getting into everything lately and I have less time to do anything. I am my own worst critic and I am afraid I would agonize over making things- "perfect"! LOL I am praying about it.
Tomorrow, JD is having 5 wisdom teeth taken out. Yes- 5 - he has an extra! So please pray that all goes well. He thinks he will be fine by Saturday to hang with his friends! I remember how I felt- oh my. So - I will be pretty busy the next few days !
Have a great weekend- will post if I can .

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