Friday, August 11, 2006

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Have not posted as we did not have power all day yesterday - and when we did - the power went on and off and I did not want to risk it. So - enjoyed a miserable day sweating- but My wonderful FIL brought over his generator and I was able to plug in a fan, my refrigerator , freezer and a tv. I was so thankful that I could open and close the frig to get food out. I wish I had had a gas stove so that I could have cooked. Oh well - no harm. The power came back on at 730 pm last night but went out again when I was in the shower shaving my legs! So- John came up with the flashlight and I finished. So - no computer time.
Jd called me at 11 last night and said , "MOM - YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! UNDEROATH CAME INTO TACO BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are famous and they are my favorite band - they are on tv. and all. But Mom- they are touring and they are having a problem with their vehicle? and can they sleep in our garage?????????
thump ------------ me falling on the floor. Not again!!!!! I asked him- I am not running a bed and breakfast for bands on tour!! What - do you carry a sign around that says - ask me if you need a place to stay - mom cooks pancakes?
Then I asked him if the band was so famous - why would they need to sleep in our garage? JD- "you just do not understand - they are my heroes - you don't care about me!" and hung up.
Better post and get off- before this crashes - bye

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