Friday, August 04, 2006

font- porcelain- ,misprinted type- vladimir script. Stock photos

Did this for an art journal and a challenge at SA. Have been very busy catching up and had to get
groceries . Was looking at JD's my space and picked up a few pics of him playing guitar and snagged them and did this layout.I used JoDe Lawrence's graffiti kit - thought it worked perfectly! I sure hope this is a stage JD is going through- he just called me and wanted to know if all the members of a band ( not his) could spend the night.This is in addition to a friend of his that stays every weekend. I told him no - at least he asked. One weekend I woke up to find some very wierd looking characters crashed out all over the house. I know how many are here by counting shoes. He got grounded for that one. I really miss scrapping baseball pictures of him pitching and such- sigh- maybe one day.

I need to try to get Ben down. Sometime's seems pretty useless. Will post some more layouts tomorrow.

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