Thursday, August 17, 2006

new things

jode lawrence's - new breeze layette
Went to the state fair yesterday. It was hot and when we pulled in to park - Ben was screaming and when we left he was really crying. He settled down and enjoyed most of it - but about 8 pm he had had enough and so had I . I think it was his teeth and all the noise and commotion.Who knows. He rode his first ride with Emily and did pretty well. Really had to hunt to find a spot that was secluded to nurse him to try and calm him and give him some fluids as it was hot.So I found a great spot at the entrance to a building that was closed. All secluded with the plants and a bench to sit on. Started to nurse him and looked up and people were going overhead from the sky glider ride.LOL
We had a bunch of great junk food- I had 2 delicious ears of sweet corn dipped in butter and fresh cut fries and a corn dog. They also had alligator on a stick and fried twinkies- we passed on those! Saw part of a high dive pirate show and that was pretty cool. Had fun looking at the hobbies and crafts building as I know a lot of the ladies that entered. A friend of mine - Janice placed a grand prize for her beautiful crocheted afghan. I had the pleasure of seeing her Tuesday and helped her learn how to do intarsia.

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