Saturday, August 05, 2006

Every day seems an adventure lately. Last night I rolled into bed with Ben and got him to his crib at about 1130.Then Em was sleeping with me also ( Dad had to work at 3 am and did not want to disturb us and slept in her room)and kept me up until 1230 am moving around. Then DS called and said he was going to be late for his curfew as a truck broke down and they had to make a run to get coolant at Walmart. So I was awoken at 140am with JD telling me that he found a place for the band to sleep- outside at his friend's house. 230am Ben woke up and I nursed him and then he was up at 430am again. 530 am Iwake up as the air conditioner tripped the breaker and I had no fan or air. So - I get up to go downstairs and run into strange kids! 10 of them to be exact!!!!!!!!! JD let the band come over to sleep when they called him at 5 as the sun woke them up. Now mind you- JD had never met them before this! So I get dressed and come downstairs - and yell at my son and give him his punishment for the day- cleaning and dishes- scrubbing toilets (better for me than grounding) . So while my son went back to bed- these band members came down and profusely thanked me for providing them with a place to sleep and apologized for the trouble they caused! Whoa- very nice kids- well mannered, polite- all in college trying to get different degrees in various things. One wants to be a youth pastor - or "wherever God leads him".Another is into graphic design etc. So - they got their stuff and granted me a pic and were stuffing ( literally ) all the kids into a small pickup - extended cab.
SO - I called them back and cooked pancakes for them all - could not let them drive away hungry. Then my son and his 3 friends got up and JD met with his punishment.
Here are some pics of the day.

And more of the rest of them. I keep telling my son I am not running a bed and breakfast!!

- blogger is not cooperating- will post more artwork- later- have done several things!

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