Tuesday, August 15, 2006

bits and pieces

credits-Paisely art and elegant Paisley kits from Digital bits- JoDe Lawrence.font- arriere garde

credits- M. Coleman- papers, kiss,rhinestoen slide, label stamp. NRJ- letter
The first layout is for JoDe's newest kit. She must never sleep! Whoa - she is like an energizer bunny on steroids. I have lost count the number she has done this month.Her pc must be smokin! The second is an ATC for a scrapartist challenge. So much fun- need to do another letter soon.

This has been such a busy week! Definitely overwhelmed. The kids go to school next week and that will be hard to get in the groove of getting up early.It will be nice to have everyone on the same schedule but I will miss having Emily to entertain Ben.I figured out that he is cutting several more teeth and one popped through.he bit me today nursing and I may be weaning him very soon if he continues!

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