Saturday, August 12, 2006

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credits: Pansy- fiddlette, button & lace- Mo jacksonKey- traci Simsbrushes- vered, inobscuroFonts- Christmas and Georgia

With no power - I took a look at some of my non digital altered work and I was struck by the beautiful glazes- especially metallic ones. I do not know how to emulate this in PS- if someone does - please let me know. So I practiced with a few tags and really love the way the blending turned out. Really looks like some of my hand done pieces.
I am having a problem with blogger - it says it uploads my pictures but then does not- so frustrating. I had a typepad blog for over a year - but I did not think it was worth the money per month. THe only thing I really like was the ability to have photo albums. I wonder if there is a way to do that in Blogger- probably since you could make each album a blog????
Love the new series on USA- called Psych- I look forward to laughing myself silly each week- ( I know- does not take much to make me laugh)
John and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary tomorrow- well not really celebrating - but we may go out to dinner. I will be thankful for the little things- been praying for peace in Israel. I know some ladies who are living in the bomb shelters there and one has a new baby.I can't imagine.Frightening- keep seeing things on the news about a possible nuclear attack from Iran on the 22nd.Within seconds our whole world could change- it gives me comfort to know what the bible says about my future as a child of Christ.

credits:brushes- vered,kazadoodle, n.r janitz- old writing font cezanne

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