Monday, August 14, 2006

taggin' along

credits- maya-hat,brad bird- thao cosgrovecharm- miss mint m. wise- stitched bubblebrush- veredfonts- blue baby,1942 report, nasty

Still making tags for my tag book. I am having fun with it and just creating what comes to mind.
Celebrated our 18'th wedding anniversary last night with a great dinner at Olive Garden. John and I had Seafood alfredo and tiramisu. Yumm! Then he surprised me - I had seen a peachy pink luxurious microfiber- dreamy robe at Bergner's and told him that I really wanted it - but would never pay the 68 dollar price tag for it. I would wait for it to go on sale. Well- it did yesterday and he had gotten another 20% off coupon out of the paper. So I got it for 34 dollars!
I tried it on in the store and when i took it off - my black pants were covered in peach fuzz!!!!! I tried getting it off with some packing tape and then we went to eat. After , we were going to get a few groceries- but my stomach did not like the rich dinner and I got sick- felt better after spending some time in the bathroom and was going to go to the store and my milk let down and soaked my shirt- so we went home! LOL
Ben was up every hour last night- even tried him in our bed and he demanded to nurse every hour= I let him only for a couple minutes and he would fall asleep and repeat. ARRRRGGGGGGGGGH~ He has not slept through the night ever!!!!!!!!
He did not take but a 20 minute nap twice yesterday. Jd slept at 2 weeks, Emily did not until she was 2!
need to do tons of cleaning - but am so tired after being kept up- !

credits- mayas- grammophone?,alpha-L.Slawta,brushes-vered,fonts: 1942 report,cold coffee.awaken,da da antiquerist made the brain,chicken wire brush from stock photos

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