Monday, August 21, 2006

altered tote & back to school

Here is a tote that altered over a year ago- before baby. It was a plain canvas one that I used paints, fabric stamps and gel medium transfers to alter it. I need to take more pics of things I have stuffed in my closets.

I test drove some new colors of distressing ink on the ruler book pages. My plan is to print my digital stuff and adhere it to and embellish- ( in my spare time)- lol If you do this- wear gloves!grin The process is - dab the ink pads onto a non stick sheet,mist with water and then put the paper on it. Use a heat gun to dry without distortion. These instructions were in a CK magazine from Tim Holz.

The kids went to school for 2 hours and I went after to try and straighten out the mess they made of my son's schedule-or lack of one. They put him as a sophomore and he is a junior! He was told he lacked .5 credit and he would need to take a correspondance course. This was a a surprise and I was so upset as I had called the 2 weeks before school and no one would call me back.It is critical for him to start off on the right foot as he went to another school last year and is coming back to the school. It will be hard to "fit" back in. He said no one cares at this school for me and I can see why he felt that way. So- I stopped for gas on the way and a lady pulled in to get gas and was talking to me while we got gas and we got to talking about school. I told her what was happening and she prayed for me and told me to make sure I did not lose my witness. I really had peace after that and I consider it a divine appointment! Thank you Lord. She had prayed that I would have favor and get things squared away at school. Never had seen her before! When I got to school the line at the counselor's office had 20 kids waiting. The secretary got me in immediately and the counselor- looked at everything again and put him in as a Junior.He said- I have never seen this ever- they have never offered 2 English classes - yet there it is -- so he can get in it! Praise God!
Anyway, all is changed and the way it should be. Even if JD does not do well - I did all I can. He said he wanted to go back so he can learn .
Now I need to do some housework- blah!

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