Wednesday, August 02, 2006

credits- phew-hold on!-paper- IOD- adelaides letterpaper deckle- Gina Miller Note paper- NRJanitz- La Belle Provence,Digital Bits- trim with buttons from Quintessential,photo turn- h.McCaig,Stephs paper tears, Donna Doherty- stitching, Mo Jackson- alpha, ephemera,ferns,flower. A. Spangler- scotch tape,M. Coleman- Granma's attic- heart and stitching,stick pinfonts- amanda's hand,4990810,Jane Austen

I never thought I would finish this layout for a Scrap artist challenge but finally did! Just to write up all the credits and the drop shadows took quite a bit of time.
I did this in memory of my precious Aunt Joann. She was so dear to me. I added quite a few trinkets that she was fond of- there is a picture of an antique doll - which she collected and has a wall to wall glass case full of them. She also was an avid estate sale and auction attender especially when she was younger and collected many beautiful antiques over the years. She would have loved this layout. It reads- Dear Aunt Joann,I miss you so much. I miss hearing your sweet southern accent and how I could always count on you to get mad with me over whatever upset me and then come up with the most incredible advice. I always felt so much love from you and Ben.You made losing my Dad easier- I felt I knew him through you. Love always, Lisa
Today I woke up to having no air conditioner and it has been a 100 all week. Today was 96 and it was 88 in the house! So I called the repairman and it was 250 dollars we were not expecting .
But I am nice and cool now and the heat wave is supposed to break with thunderstorms late tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Tears well up in my eyes as I view the wonderful tribute of my mother, your aunt. She would have been so pleased with your depiction of her life. This would have made a great birthday present for her, which she celebrated in July! My love to all...that includes you, chopped liver!!! Love, Pam