Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a LOOOOOOOONG weekend!! Never thought I would ever get the kids back to school!
Friday I spent the day with JD having his wisdom teeth out . Saturday he felt good enough to run around with his friends - he is doing amazingly well. But he is tough as nails! He broke his arm at 5 and he went for weeks without really complaining. The doctor told me he could not have broken it and I asked nicely if she would just do an x-ray to humor me. Sure enough it was broken! I thought it was because I saw him at baseball practice and he was wincing a bit as he was pitching. He had broken it on the playground and just said it hurt a little.
The album above is a paper bag album I did for my pregnancy. The picture is terrible= I need to scan it as it is so textural. It says 9 mos to baby , and I has texture paste on the front I stenciled on . It was really fun to do - with lots of pockets and things that open up.
It was fun to make and I sewes the pages to the bag and left sides open as pockets for tags.

This has a library pocket that pulls out with my dr appt.s on it and information.

The shower pics are in a mini album - held closed with a paper clip. the tags that pull out have one for who, what, when and where. I will show more later. Ben is fussing and I need to go and look for JD's keys= I hid them and I can't remember where I put them! I have looked all over and can't find them! I have until 3 to locate them. You would have thought I lost his prize possession or something! Wish me luck!!! LOL

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