Sunday, July 16, 2006

credits:MoonE designs and Jomi designs- Summer Buzzin' kit from S2G

Fonts Used: Cold Coffee and Franklin gothic
Elements/Extras: Sausan Designs- mango bay tab ,R. Penner's stitches

Went to church today and JD had a friend over all weekend and we made them get up- practically yank them from the bed- but we made it to church on time.Great service! Awesome message about God casting all our sins into the sea of forgetfulness- nice reminder about His grace. Did this layout today and I tried some experiments with making a strip template for a frame. worked well . Ben went swimming for the first time -but the water was so cold that he just screamed. The one time he really enjoyed it - I was not there to catch it on film. So I snapped what pics I could and they were not the greatest- so I lumped them together so no one would stand out bad- lol.
Caught a new show on tv and loved it! Saw the pilot episode of PSYCH on USA and laughed hysterically- about a guy who fakes being a psychic for the police.

Made this layout with JoDe Lawrence's - Retreat kit form altered scrapping- so much fun doing the doodles. good night - - Lisa

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