Wednesday, July 12, 2006

credits: altered artistry elements and paper,other: Sl designs-arrow,P. relics wings,staple- k.Christenson,Brushes- NRJ alpha, distressing kit fonts- not too shabby

Finally posted a pic of john at the hospital holding Ben. Praise report- Ben slept for a whole 4 hours!!!!!!!! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! We were on our last leg and I sent out e-mails to ask for prayer and God answered quickly!!!!!!! The doctor could not find anything wrong except a cold and cutting teeth. Switched over to cingular and am very pleased. So happy to get rid of verizon! I am paying less per month - have double my anytime minutes and get rollover. The best part is - most of my friends and family have it.
Still want to share some vacation pics- soon .
bye- Lisa

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