Sunday, July 23, 2006

credits- visionary- brushes - damned in black, stock photos- web, deviant art -resurgere ,NRJ -old write,distressing kit font- PS bluegum forest
I did this for a challenge at Digital art quirks- for a naming ceremony- this was a friend's second name - she chose - spiritual for the first name and visionary is her second. Mine is fanciful dragonfly. I need to make a piece of art to illustrate my new name now. Love the art piece that Victoria did for me- it is of a dragon- with wings- (dragonfly) with a superman logo on the chest.She said it was for being a supermom- well I do not think my kids would agree- maybe with the dragon part! LOL
I did this atc for a joke- I really have not overspent- but would like to on digital things.

Fonts: blue baby,shoplifter,lucida
Kits/Papers/Elements: IOD paper,maya,hat,sausan designs - purse,money-R.England,M. Coleman brushes M Wise-Stitched doodles

I will say John does look like that when he gets the paypal bill! LOL

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