Thursday, July 27, 2006

credits- Holy cow kit- Robyn England,loveletter,dymo inverse,arial fonts
Woke up and checked at Quirks and Robyn's blog- see link to right - and she is having a Birthday party on her blog , with music and a free kit and challenge. So - since I had nothing to do this Am- cough- I had to scrap my entry- - Emily is such a goofball and she dresses up all the time and Ben just loves it. She dresses him up too - today he was super diaper baby - he had a diaper helmet , and a cape and she was flying him around the room. Some days he sports a Marilyn wig and she puts balls in his shirt. She also has given all her older brothers friends a makeover also - complete with wig and make-up. Never a dull moment around here. All her friends like to come over lol.
My Mom came down today and visited - sat down for lunch and my daughter tripped and a tomatoe and mayo sandwich fell on the carpet, and at the same time I noticed that Ben had a blow out in his diaper and I and the couch had poop all over us. So - I spent the afternoon shampooing carpet and upholstery - not a fun day.
Here is a ATC- playing card challenge I did for Scrapartist.

credits- Fiddlettes card, and I also used Distressing kit from NRJ and Robyn England's free paper. I used black jack -appropriately named , shoplifter fonts. Cards from web

I also did a layout of my son and girlfriend= will post that tomorrow. Night-

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