Wednesday, July 26, 2006

credits- erica hiite- cherish,maya, dragonfly,h.McCaig- imagine

Hi -thought I would check in and say hi - sure glad I have sitemeter- or I would think I was talking to myself! Glad to know that people are visiting - would love to have some comments though.- hint-- Found out my family is coming to visit us this October!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! My dearest cousin - like a sister will be here and my most favorite Uncle too! He is Ben's namesake.The only problem is they can't stay long- it will be hard letting them go home. I miss them so much!

Emily is getting her hair highlighted today for the first time- courtesy of Grandma. She always had light blonde streaks in the summer - but does not anymore- so this will be great. I have a new layette for my CT that I need to work on - but am having trouble finding the right girlie picture. Going to my friend's garage sale- Emily buys Kayla's clothes each year.

This artwork is for a quirk naming project - this is my final piece. I am fanciful dragonfly and here is my new blinkie!

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