Thursday, September 28, 2006

I made it to round 2 !!!!!!!! woohoo! I am so excited ! This contest round required that you make 2 papers focusing on texture. Texture!!!! Yeah - I love texture and I had to put restraints on to not put on too much. I have folders of textures I have been collecting. The red one has a coarse paper texture and concrete and the pink has more of a linen texture with a few scratches. I kept the similar color scheme as I love it. If you missed the contest it is at scrapartist. The link to see the other submissions is here.
News on the homefront- Jd had homecoming dance last weekend and this one.

His girlfriend is a cutie- wish my son had shorter hair than her! Went all over the mall one night looking for turquoise men's stuff- not an easy thing to find!

Emily started basketball and that makes for long days. She does not get home until 545 and with John working overtime- it is hard to get anything done with Ben! I spent the afternoon trying to repair a wall with paint . I had to try to re-rag roll a part of a wall . It was tricky as there were 4 colors of paint - that I had to guess at and I had to do one of a time and 2 base coats. But - it fools the eye and I got it to blend in very nicely . You would really have to look for it to know that part of the wall was repainted.

We are also replacing some fixtures in one upstairs bathroom . I even picked out decorative molding to try and frame up a rather plain mirror. I hope it turns out.

Was blessed that our van battery did not blow up. I have been driving it for a couple of weeks leaking battery acid and my dear FIL hear about it and had a fit! He replaced it and told me it could have blown up!. EEK We were going to take it in this Friday- but he did not want to wait.Yeah!

It is going to get into the 30's tonight! Brrr. I guess fall is really here.

Thanks for listening!

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Karen said...

Congratulations, Lisa. Your color scheme is very pretty and the textures look great.