Wednesday, September 13, 2006

promise to write more frequently!!!

Here are a few microscope slide necklaces I made a long time ago. I used leading and a solder gun to put them together. I borrowed my FIL's gun and it "exploded" while soldering them. I felt like a mad scientist- my daughter rushed in to see what happened - there was smoke and sparks! My son just shook his head and said- "mom's at it again." lo
Ben is finally sleeping a bit better- only up once or twice - quick nurse and back in his crib. He is even waking up in the morning in it ! yeah! Bought him a "cage"- lol- it is a superyard open bottom "playpen". I told Em to only call it his Fort! He kept getting into everything- stuff I can't baby proof- like my harddrive- that he insists on turning off! I really wanted it to put the Christmas tree in.
Here is a CT layout- all by JoDE Lawrence at Altered Scrapping.

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sausan said...

Lisa, those necklaces are fantastic!!! It was worth the exploding solder gun LOL !! Sylvie