Tuesday, October 03, 2006

first day

used the awesome Basics collection from SBG and Ronna Penner's free template from the SBG newsletter, fonts- diesel and ck woodbine and photoblast action- chocolate

This is a fabulous free template from Ronna. You can get it here. I have been so busy with CT things, doing house projects and just the day to day - caring for Ben and cooking- there has not been any time left for artistic endeavors! This weeks voting is on Friday for the Scrapartist apprentice. There are so many beautiful papers I do not know how they will judge! I did not know whether to go with a painterly over textured approach - or scrap paper. But - I did not want to keep second guessing so I turned them in early. It is in God's hands- will see. My family from VA. is coming on the 14th!!!!!!!! Yippee~ I can't wait! Have not seen them in ages!

This is for the 10 things I would do over challenge at SBG -I used Doris Castle's Windows of time kit.and Maya's weathered treasures kit, fonts, PS bluegum froest, Porcelain, brush- damned in black

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