Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not so serious

Credits: paper- Shabby Princess, Gina cabrera staple, stitches by Ronna Penner, hat by Maya
Fonts: franklin gothic, PS bluegum forest, glider girls

This layout was for a MAD challenge- about being a SAHM. I realize the Word of GOd says to "Be content in all circumstances and not complain"- paraphrase- and I am working on this. I truly thank the Lord for His many blessings- but lately I have really been struggling. Some days I feel smothered and exhausted. I realize a lot of it is due to sleep deprivation- having a baby that will not sleep and wants to nurse all night and a teenager that thinks he can stay out all night or have his girlfriend over . So between chaperoning the one and nursing Ben- I am pooped. I do not recommend having a baby and 2 teens at the same time. It affects one sanity.
Anyway- my art is an outlet for the sense of being overwhelmed I regularly feel.
Been so busy! Running on endless errands and we have a family picnic this afternoon. My dear friend Nancy had surgery and I went to see her and drop off food. She is such a dear - so giving , loving and a lady I admire and look at as a role model.
Off to get ready for the picnic. Bye

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