Saturday, June 10, 2006

great free software!!!!!

I am so happy to have found this great free software- called EverNote. There are so many useful applications for this gem- just about for everyone. For months I have been printing and saving tons of tutorials for Photoshop in a large notebook. The problem is I do not have time to go through the book, find the tutorial and then attempt to find space to read it while in Photoshop. Voila - now when I find a tutorial I can cut and paste with pictures ,the entire tutorial that I can find instantly! There is a search command and it automatically notes where you got the info from. You can categorize everything -and customize them. It even works with my pen and tablet and I can write notes . Just a note- I found out that if you have a pdf file you wish to save - you can't drag or paste it. All you have to do is use the snapshot tool - which takes a "picture " of your selection to the clipboard and you just paste it into evernote! Cool !
So what if you are not a digiscrapper? Well try it for saving all those recipes you find on the web- now you can find them instantly. Or you can do shopping lists with pictures. Or make to -do lists, wish lists, expense lists - book lists- and so on. phew-
Today I fed 9 kids and I am pooped. Several teens drove here about an hour and a half to see my son as a surprise. I was the one surprised and cooked for them all. We had the local parade and carnival this weekend. Ben loved it and so did my nieces.
Need to go get ready for church tomorrow. TTFN

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