Sunday, June 25, 2006

Myquirk name

credits- brushesby:AVH,greenspoon,Maya,H,McCaigand Lee textures Fonts:PS Bluegum forest,book antiqua

THis layout was done to represent a name that we choose for ourselves- the first name and someone else creates the second name. Such fun!
Had the family picnic and the weather was perfect. I made hamburgers, hotdogs on the grill, pasta salad and a raspberry/strawberry trifle. Yumm.
All the kids went swimming except Ben - he took a nap as he was tired after keeping his Mother up all night!
John and Emily are off to a cardinals game tomorrow night. I will be here.


Julz said...

OMgosh Lisa.. I can't believe you already have this finished for yourself!
I have had a house guest and will be free to get back to you via email on Mon
GREAT JOB! on your quirkinment!

Julz said...

thats quirkignment....