Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Legacy Series

brushes-avh,bl emporium& kazadoodle,jen wilson paper

I wanted to do another portrait collage for my dear Grandma Mattie .She hated having her picture taken,so there are very few photo's of this amazing lady.If you look in the tree,I have a pic of her home in Harlan, KY where I have wonderful memories. There is also a picture of her two children- my father and Aunt. I have her tombstone pic there also,as the cemetery is so pretty-sounds weird but true. I think I will call it my legacy series,and want to do more. The picture was incredibly poor,and I had to do a lot of tinkering to get it usable. I think I used masks on 8 layers. 2 months ago I did not know what that was. lol
We went to 2 new restaurants this weekend. One was barbecue- and the sauce was awful- too much vinegar. We also went to the new IHOP and love their pancakes- yum. My FIL made beer can chicken and it was luscious. Ben is getting another tooth and is crabby and refuses to eat solids. Enough of the mundane-bye-


Julz said...
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Julz said...

ack! sorry .. you can delete that for me... I forgot blogger was <> some other blogs I reply on are []... So let me say again... I love it!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cousin:
What a lovely tribute to our Ma Maw. I know Mom and Uncle Denver would be pleased with how you captured the essence of such a humble, yet majestic woman. I love you, Pam.