Friday, June 09, 2006

Credits-mo jackson,gina miller,south paw designs-pin

I was looking all over the web for a pinking template and could not find one- so I made a brush ! I am sure this is silly to all the designers -but it is a starting point for me and I have made papers and alphas and hope to make lots of stuff in the future. I would share my brush - but do not have a clue how.

Anyway- Ben began sitting up on his own and I snapped a few pics- that I can't wait to scrap. Emily haelped me get groceries last night and then it was 1015 and Ben was crying so I went to get him to bed . I was dreading coming downstairs to put away most of the groceries and at 1130 I came down to a clean kitchen! Emily was surprising me and she put them all away and then mopped the floor!!! WOO HOO~~~~~~~~~~

Need to go and marinate some chicken- love that Stubbs marinade for chicken- yum! hugs-

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Karin said...

Love your blog and your pictures.

Karin (a sista)