Thursday, November 30, 2006

keep forgetting to post!!!!

credits-Sausan's altered quick pages pressed flowers,schnipp schnapp flowers, old money pin, , studio girls basics date stamp, Maya's art trash letters. Fonts, bookman antiqua

Where have I been? Oh my time flies! Well worked tons of overtime during Thanksgiving and then we had Ben's birthday party on Saturday. Seems a blur. I can't believe it has been a year since Ben was born. I feel like I have aged 10 years for his one. I bent over to turn on my pc and my back went out- went to the chiropractor yesterday . Pretty funny , but all I want for christmas is not a fancy smelling lotion but a big bottle of BioFreeze!!!!! LOL ( it is like Ben Gay)

Today is Emily's birthday and the poor thing will have to wait for her party. We are getting hit by a major winter storm with ice, sleet and snow - they say up to a foot! What a change as it was 65 degrees earlier in the week.

My son's leg is on the mend and will be able to play his first games in Basketball. But since he missed so much practice, he has to play the first 2 for the JVarsity. I love to see him play. He is so talented and 6 foot 4. Emily begins volleyball this week too. I am so busy now (December is crazy anyway) I can't imagine what 2 full game schedules will be like- with a baby. Oh well, I shall be like Scarlett O'Hara and worry about it tomorrow!

Again, thanks to all for your kindness and support since I was not picked to sell at SA- . I am not unhappy about it and pretty well relieved. So many thanks and hugs. I will sell my designs one day.;o)

Currently I am taking the mentor-protege program at Digiscrapdesigner . It is a self paced (yeah) program and I hope to learn a lot. Here is a layout we had to do of ourselves-groan. Anyway, I was feeling quirky- can you tell? LOL Can imagine the comments I will get about this- I probably broke every conventional rule in it!

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Rebecca said...

Love the use of your cool arrow element in your LO! I love the quirkiness of it ... and the fact that you may have broken rules... afterall that's what you do when you know what the rules are and are feeling too comfortable in Good news about your son ... and yourself. :D

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D