Saturday, November 04, 2006

I finished!!!!

I did it! I uploaded my first ever kit to to the Scrapartist server this afternoon! I did not think I would ever complete it , as I had so many ideas- I could hardly narrow it down . It is a relief to have it completed and my Dh is probably more happy than I am! He has had to babysit while I worked! I thank God that he was off , or I would not have gotten it done. So he is very happy that he can return to his deer stand.

Aren 't these flowers just beautiful!!!!!! My dear family surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet! And if that was not enough , my Dh shocked me by buying me my dream computer!

I have never had a new computer before! I always have just put together my family's hand me downs and used those over the years. I usually just go out to eat for my birthday so this was a shock!!!!!!!! It is a Dell Inspiron,1.7 ghz,core duo processor, 1 gb ram, 16ogb harddrive and a 17 inch wide screen!!!!! I have not had time to play with it as I have been making my SA kit. My only problem is keeping it safe from the kids! Matt from computer works (my fave shop) came and set up my network for me and it is awesome to access my external hard drive and desktop! I am so happy I can play with it now!

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Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOO jealous!