Monday, November 06, 2006

another just dreamy layout

I did one more layout with my new kit. This paper made me want to use it for Christmas- so
I did. I am anxious to check out all the great apprentice kits tomorrow at scrapartist. I am sure I will want them all. Only 2 dollars- so 16 bucks for 8 kits- not bad at all! lol It will be a long week of anticipation. In the meantime- trying to catch up on CT things. Emily had a bb game tonight and JD got his haircut!!!!!! I love it - but he hates it. He looks like a different person. I had the fun job of trying to unscrew the gauge (earrings) he had in so he could go to practice. No one could get them undone- so I hunted for a pair of hemostats and got it unscrewed in time. Everyday I have to do something new for these kids. Who would have thought I would use my old nursing stuff for that. Actually they were last used for soldering my microscope slides- (to hold them).


Mar said...

Congrats Lisa with your gorgeous kit and thanks for the creativity and inspiration you had give me with your kit. I was just in the store and I'm breathless. I hardly can't wait to start. (aka Marretje)

Kori said...

Thank you! I bought your kit, so I had to get the add-on! I'm going to try to get a lo done so I can get your posting bonus too!

Congratulations on making it to the final round! I hope you make the Final 5!