Saturday, November 18, 2006

I lost!

Just want to thank everyone for the terrific response to my Apprentice kit!!!!!!! I so appreciate everyone who voted for me and bought my kit!!!! I also want to thank those that sent me such sweet comments!!!! A big hug to all!! I am fine with the decision as the timing would have been awful! I can barely keep up with the house, Ben into everything and all the activities that JD and Em are in! December usually stresses me out and starting a new business would have probably pushed me to the edge! Being so busy and not getting much sleep - do not help the creativity department. Being in the contest did get my name out there- I got a design offer and notes from ladies that want a spot on my future creative team. I placed this in God's hands from the start, and He has always been faithful to guide my paths. I can look back and remember so many times He has closed doors only to open a better one later. I also need to gain more experience designing. I also want to congratulate the talented ladies that won!!!!!!!! ( I honestly have to say that I am relieved to have some free time with no deadline,no advertising- my family needs a lot from me right now!}
I found out this week that JD tore his calf muscle :O( It was so dissapointing ,as he is excited about BB season. But he should be able to play - takes a good 4 weeks to heal and he starts therapy Monday. Em had to be at school at 7 am for a literary contest , took ben to my MIL's, drove to another town for the event, went to the bank and got some groceries and picked up Ben. He is cutting more teeth and was up all night. I then installed satellite raddio in my van- not easy. lol We had to rearrange all our furniture and baricade everything since Ben is into anything not bolted down. I hate this stage! He turned one on Friday- but we are celebrating next Sat. Our floor plan is open and a nightmare for us! Enough rambling- oh - I picked up Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong - Christmas cd- awesome.


Jongleuse said...

Now I now we have things in common - Sarah Mclachlan!! Good luck with the little one, those days are long behind me now... teen moods are my lot!!


Anonymous said...

Just 'cause you lost doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you! You are still amazing!