Friday, December 08, 2006

fa- la -la -not

credits- sara carling Amelie kit, Sausan's house and book, fonts- vaguely repulsive, Ck mama O , glider girls

Tried to upload pics to my slide today and it would not let me and nothing worked. So I had to make a new one. But- that is a good thing as I had not kept up with it and now I have a complete gallery on there. So - a blessing in disguise. This layout was for a studio start challenge at Scrapbookgraphics. I did it quite a few months ago and am sad to report - I have not changed- maybe next year?
Last night my son and his girlfriend slid off the road and were stuck in a field- about 30 yards in. It was about 7 degrees and my son did not have a coat. They tried getting kids to help them and finally called my DH about 2 hours later,So John went and drug them out with his truck. Their car was too damaged to drive and they had to get it towed - but praise God they are both fine!!!!!!! I was hoping they would have learned a few things - but am not holding my breath!
I have 2 Christmas gifts bought and my decorations half up, the lights outside do not work and the middle of my inside prelit tree is out. My DD's birthday party is several weeks late too.I wish I could postpone Christmas this year. lol Hoping tomorrow the ice will melt. My dd's friend's Mom just got stuck in a ditch and I had to take her to the school. anyway need to clean up my computer. fa la la

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is really a treasure of beauty. I love your shabby style. It seems to be a difficult time for you, so take care and courage !