Friday, October 20, 2006

I made it!!!!!!!!!

WooHoo !!!!!! happy dance ! I am so excited to find out that I made it to Round 4!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!
It was a tough round and I thank God for the talent He has given me. I am humbled because all the other entries were terrific! There are 10 of us , down from 90. This round involves brushes and doodles! I love brushes! But I usually make mine from stock photos and they said it needs to be clip art. I love a challenge. They also said to use Adobe Illustrator- which I do not have- but my Mom is getting me it for my Birthday/Christmas present! I can get it for 95 dollars with an educational discount. I have been wanting it for quit awhile - so this will be fun to play with.
Thanks Mara and Jeannie for the sweet comments! I would reply to the comments - but Blogger does not let you do that like typepad did.
Emily has done an awesome job playing basketball!!!!! she is a natural , just like JD. Unfortunately the 7th grade team she is on (she is in 6th grade) has 1 small 7th grader - the rest of the 6th graders are VERY tiny. So - the little ones moving the ball on the court , get it stolen everytime. They can't get it to the taller girls. So - they have not won. Also - we have no second string- so all the girls are very worn out by the second half. Then the other teams put in their rested second string . But - I give them A+ for effort - they do not give up.
The school will not let JD pull his bangs back - so I do not know whether he will play BB. I am praying he will. He is so talented and everyone- all the team wants him. Everyday - someone asks me if he will. I have tried every tactic in the book- even thought of bribing his girlfriend to be "delilah" and cut it off. LOL
Ben has a cold and diarrhea and to no surprise he is not sleeping!!!!! I let him cry 2 nights ago and he went steady for a good 30 minutes. Daddy had left for work at 4 and Em could not hear him- so no one to rescue him from mean mom!
gotta get busy! thanks for your support!

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