Friday, May 26, 2006

Finally got around to christen my new blog. I had a typepad blog for several years - mainly for my knitting hobby,etc. It was called - a trip to the frog pond. I had many people that visited me and I felt so guilty when I did not post and that was mainly because I had nothing new accomplished on my knitting projects. I was more into my scrapbooking. I finally deleted the blog as I hated to pay the 8 dollars a month for something I did not use much. When I tried to import my blog content from typepad to blogger - I just gave up. LOL
I am a 44 year old, SAHM, ( am an RN) and I have a 16 y.o. male "creature"( I am convinced aliens have abducted him and replaced his brain), a 11 year old dd and a surprise 6 month old Ben!
Anyway, I am new to the world of digital scrappin and I must say I am addicted ! It was the only way to create with a new baby. So I spent many hours nursing Ben with my Boppy and learning to digiscrap. I started out with PSPX and liked it but I love PSCS2~ . I still use the PSPX for quick editing of my digital photos. It has a one step digital photo fix that I love. One day I really want to design - but now I am just trying to learn all I can about Photoshop. People have asked me for years if I would sell any of my paintings, crafts, etc. and never have. But with digital it all opens up a new world.
Here are 2 of my latest layouts. Have a great day! Lisa

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Karla said...

Wow, Lisa! I'm impressed with this blog and love all your scrappin' pictures. This is something I've been wanting to get into, but just haven't. Digital scrapbooking sounds like just the thing. Your layouts are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them here!